About SerenityStream

SerenityStream is the source for epic films to quiet the mind and calm the soul, an ever expanding library of extraordinary visual landscapes and stunning soundtracks composed and produced by award winning composer and film maker Brian BecVar. Multi platform apps for mobile, TV and the Web allow the user to stream tranquil visual & sound environments for meditation, relaxation, stress reduction and inspiration. New films are added to the library on a weekly basis. The real beauty of SerenityStream lies in the predominant use of aerial drone footage in slow-motion combined with hypnotic sounds to give the user a “fly-through” experience. Imagery is never static, always moving with a smooth dynamic flow to brilliantly match the musical flow. Walk on a windswept beach in the Caribbean, hover under the stars in the Grand Canyon or glide through deep space as you survey the passing planets with profoundly moving soundscapes. SerenityStream gives the user the ability to experience peaceful environments from this earth and beyond to calm the mind, relax the body and rejuvenate the soul. We at SerenityStream strive to help promote a more peaceful, kind and compassionate world through a library of heart warming films and soundtracks that inspire the user to discover their own state of serenity.

Executive Leadership

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